We went with our friends on a cruise a couple weeks ago. Had a blast! The weather wasn't all that great, but we still had alot of fun. We took the red eye to Miami and off we went. No Rhett did not go with two wives. April's husband was already in Miami for business so we met up with him there. Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids. We truly have the BEST parents in the world! Here are some pics. Sorry, I don't know how to use the slide show thingy so this post is pretty long.

At the Airport getting ready to board the flight.

Ahhhh...vacation at last!

Pic of our room. Loved having a balcony!

All you can eat ice cream cones...and at any hour!

Little windy. Hard to open the eyes for the pic.

At a store called "Sugar" in The Cayman Islands. This is the world's biggest gummi bear. No I did not bite the ear. This was the bear on display. But I did get a big bag of the mini ones! :)

Pic of Jamaica from our room on the ship.

Yummy Jamaican Jerk Chicken lunch!

Here we are in Jamaica all geared up for the Zip Lines. Pretty fun, but a little scary (for me anyway.) April was a champ and did the really scary zip line that I decided against.

This is the owner of the zip line place who is also a big wig in the UK. He is a big time fitness instructor and is known there as "Mr. Motivator." I had Rhett google him to see if he was for real and sure enough he is.

Rhett on the zip line. As you can see, the weather was pretty crapy! :(

Rhett and I on the funnest swings ever! Loved it!

Here we are in the Cayman Islands. Our excursion was cancelled due to the weather. Bummer! So we shopped around and took a taxi to a nice beach and spent the day there. Totally forgot to take pics at the beach.

At a "Vegas" type show on the ship. Pretty wild show! At least it was entertaining for the guys I guess.

Two couples we knew that we saw at the Comedy show one night on the Ship. What a small world! The shows we went to were pretty funny!!


April and May

Braelyn turned 7 a few weeks ago. I can't believe it! She's growing up way too fast. Happy Birthday, Brae!

My mom had this cute idea for cupcakes. It was very time consuming, but they turned out so CUTE & YUMMY!

Daxten started T-ball and is loving every minute of it!

Thanks for the pic, Melissa!

Easton LOVES watching "Yo Gabba Gabba" as you can tell by the look on his face.

Happy Easter!


Little Update

It has been a crazy last few months. Time flies and we seem to get busier and busier! Between work, school, church callings, and sick kids, I haven't even had a chance to think about updating the blog. So here's a quick update/random pictures. Yes, pictures from Christmas. I figured since we still have our Christmas lights up outside (which I will make Rhett take down this weekend) it was ok to post a few.

Easton is going on his fifth week of a double ear infection. After 2 Insta Care visits, 3 Pediatrician visits, we ended up at Primary Childrens. Thank goodness for good insurance and great doctors. Easton had bronchiolitis and a double ear infection. He finally got over the bronchiolitis, but his ear infection would not budge. He was on three different medications, but nothing worked. We finally took him to an ENT. To make a long story short, he will be having tubes put in his ears this week. I am so relieved! His poor ears have been infected for about 5 weeks now. He has been such a happy baby despite all of it. He loves to put on headbands and walk over to the mirror to check himself out. It makes me laugh! I just hope we can get him to sleep in his own bed once he's feeling 100%. With his ears hurting him so much, he was waking up every hour. It was too exhausting going back and forth to his room, so I let him sleep in our bed. Not the best idea! He wants nothing to do with his crib now. I think we're in trouble.

Rhett and I had plans to go to the Laker/Jazz game in LA and sit on the 5th row. With Easton getting sick, I decided to stay home and Rhett just went. He had a good time with my brother. I was pretty bummed! I was looking forward to staring at all the stars and of course seeing Kobe. LOL! Hopefully my brother can score tickets for me next time.

When I came home from Young Womens the other night, I walked in my room to find Daxten asleep on my bed. I had to take a picture. This pose is priceless! :)

Rhett and I were in charge of our ward christmas party. Here is our decorating skill. Let's just say that I am happy Rhett and I are still married after trying to put those dang tissue balls together. Poor Rhett tried to put one together and ripped the entire ball. I was yelling at him for ripping it, he was yelling at me for buying the darn things in the first place because he knew they would be a pain to put together. Thanks to my sweet girlfriends who came over at 10pm the night before the party and helped me "repair" them so that we could at least hang them up. I do have to admit it turned out pretty cute given the fact that neither Rhett or I have very good decorating talent. However, I will never decorate with those tissue balls again...unless they come ready to hang. They were a pain!!

Easton's first time on Santa's lap, no tears! Maybe because he was not facing him? This Santa came to our ward party. I found him in the paper and was a little leary at first, but he was awesome! He read the kids a story and did a little magic trick. He was GREAT and the kids loved it!!

Anyway...nothing else too exciting. Can't wait for warmer weather!


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our Cowgirl Diva, skeleton (or as Rhett would say, our mini Cobra Kai), and baby skeleton!

No trick or treating for this little man. He's been sick with a bad cold. He stayed home and ate chocolate chip cookies.



We took the kids to Seaworld over Labor Day weekend and had a blast! Rhett drove the 11+ hours with my parents, Braelyn and Daxten. Easton and I decided to fly down. An hour and a half plane ride is much better than an 11 hour car ride with a 9 month old. However, we did drive home and he actually did really well! The timing was perfect. We all arrived at my brother's house at the same time. Luckily for us, my brother and his cute wife live in Cali so we were able to stay with them. They were awesome hosts! We wish they lived closer, but I'll admit it's a nice perk to have family in various places to stay with when you vacation. Thanks for the fun trip you guys! Here are a few pics from our little Seaworld/California adventure...

Waiting for Shamu.

SHAMU! Dax kept asking me if it was real and if it would bite him if he jumped in the water. I told him it would swallow him whole. He is too funny!

The Dolphin's. An amazing show!

The Sea Lion's. My favorite show!

This was one of Braelyn and Daxten's favorites. The Pet Show. All kinds of animals (dogs, cats, pigs, and other animals I didn't know of) ran around the stage doing all sorts of tricks and dancing to "who let the dogs out". Pretty cute show!

Despite the heat, Easton had a fun time with Grandpa! He even kept his hat on. This goofy hat cost me $21 bucks! Uggg!

After 9 hours of Seaworld...but LOVED every minute of it!!!

So did Easton!

The Los Angeles Temple. So beautiful, but aren't they all?!

Braelyn's first time at the beach. She loved the sand and running out in the water. Dax on the other hand was mad and crying that his shorts got wet by the big waves and that his sandals were dirty and had sand all over them. He would not get in the picture. Since when does a boy care about getting wet or dirty?!

I don't know what to call this guy? This was at the Santa Monica Pier. The kids gave him $2 and got this picture with him. I thought he would have done some moves or something, but he didn't. Just gave a thumbs up and posed long enough for us to take the pic. Oh well, they thought he was pretty cool anyway.

We're looking forward to our big trip with the entire fam next year!!!


It's been too long!

I can't believe it's been 7 months since I've updated our blog. Sad! I am going to do a better job now! Here are a few pics of what we've been up to lately.
Braelyn started 1st grade and loves it! She's only been back for a week so I'm hoping that attitude continues. Her little crush is in her class so she was pretty excited about that. She really likes her teacher and loves, loves, loves the fact that she gets to eat lunch at school. She is growing up way too fast! She is such a girly girl which I love, but sometimes it drives me a little crazy when I'm in a hurry. She will not leave the house (unless she is going to school because I told her NO way) without her pink purse that has about 10 lip glosses in it, 2 bottles of lotion, and her cell phone (my old one of course). She even had to take it up to our ward campout this past weekend. We will be at the store and she will pretend to call her friends and make plans to meet at the mall. Everyone looks at her like she is crazy, but she's in her own little world and doesn't mind at all. We love her to death and she makes us laugh all the time! She is a great big sister and LOVES her brothers.

Dax loves to feed Easton and I love it too! Gives me a chance to get things done. Granted his arm starts hurting 5 minutes into it...maybe because East is as big as Daxten is!?

Easton is the happiest baby ever! I love this little man sooo much!! He is getting so big! His head is huge, but Brae and Dax also had huge heads and eventually grew into them so hopefully East will do the same. LOL! :)

We spent a few days in Park City with Rhett's family and had a fun time! Sadly, this was the only pic I got. We took the kids down the Alpine Slide and they loved it!

Braelyn and her cousin learned the hard way that you do not ride with 2 people on the same bike. Luckily, she didn't need any stitches, but her whole right side of her body was beat up. She slid across the road when she fell and had road rash on her knees and chest. Her eye was swollen shut and she had 2 huge scrapes on her face. She was in alot of pain, but recovered quickly. I was surprised that she was so willing to let us clean it, ice it, and put bandages on it. I guess it helped telling her her face would scar if she didn't.

Happy 4th Birthday Dax! He was so excited to have his first little party. We let him pick out his birthday cake. I thought he would go for a Toy Story cake, but chose a Hulk one instead. We invited a few of his friends over. They played on the water slide and ate pizza. These boys are all so dang cute!!! Dax starts pre-school on Monday and can't wait! He has been wanting to use his new back pack so bad. It's as big as he is! He is the sweetest little 4 year old and ALWAYS tells me "I am your handsome hunk". I love it!

Braelyn had her dance recital. She loves taking dance! This year she took a cheer and tumbling class. She liked it, but wants to go back to jazz.