My sweet Girl!

Well, we made it through Christmas without Braelyn asking Santa for a bra!! Thank goodness! I would get so nervous every time she sat on his lap. In fact, we went about 2 weeks with no bra conversation, except on Christmas Eve. She told me she hoped Santa didn't forget she wanted a bra. I pretended I didn't hear her!! ha ha. At least she is sticking with girly things, right!

My Handsome Dax!

Here are a few pics of Dax. He wanted nothing to do with Santa this year. Maybe next year? He did bring him a pretty cool train set!!



Dance Recital

Braelyn had her Christmas Dance Recital last night. She was so dang cute and did a fabulous job! She has been so funny lately...she has been obsessed about getting a BRA....are you kidding me??!! She's only 4! We were at Old Navy the other night and she handed me a blue bra. (Since when did Old Navy start selling bra's?) I told her that I didn't need it. She said, "it's for me"! I laughed and told her to put it back. She threw a fit! I told her she was too little to wear a bra and that they don't make them in her size. Her reply to that was, "then take me to Wal-mart, they have lots of bra's"! Oh Braelyn, you're growing up too fast! I'm just hoping when she sits on Santa's lap in a few weeks, she doesn't tell him she wants a bra for Christmas. Santa will be caught off guard with that wish!!


FUN night!

My sweet Dad got us girls (my mom and 2 sisters) tickets to the Carrie Underwood concert on Wednesday night. She is just as gorgeous in person as she is in the magazines! What a great concert! It was fun hangin' with my mom and sisters! Thanks for the fun night! I can't wait for Thanksgiving to spend more time with the fam!!

On a side note, our famous BYU flag we hang every week was taken tonight...right off the hooks on our front porch! So sad! Hopefully it is just a prank and we will get it back soon! (Rhett loves that thing!) Tomorrow is the BIG game! GO COUGS!!


The kids had a fun time trick-or-treating! Lots of candy! Dax will be thrilled he doesn't have to have his face painted anymore! :) Brae on the other hand will be mad she can't wear make-up. According to her, "all Cheerleaders wear mascara!" How funny!


New York!

So one place I have always wanted to visit was New York. Rhett and I finally got to go!! It was a blast! My sister was there on business so we were able to stay with her for free!! We stayed in a really nice Marriott (aren't they all nice!) right in Manhattan. Times Square was great! It was fun seeing the MTV studio (TRL), Central Park, all the huge Theatres, Empire State Building, and of course Ground Zero. One of my favorite places was Canal Street. It has all the designer purses, sunglasses, and jewelry. You basically make deals with the street vendors. Pretty fun! I could have stayed there for hours and hours, but Rhett was with me and he can be somewhat impatient, so I had to make quick decisions! :) I wish I would have brought an extra suit case to bring home a bunch of purses. They had it all! I got some fun stuff. Thanks, Brittany for letting Rhett and I come! It was soo much fun! And thanks, Mom and Dad for watching my kids so we could go on this fun trip together! You're the BEST! Anyone thinking about going to New York...it is a must! I put some other pics of our trip on the slide show including the huge toy store, FAO Schwartz. That piano in the movie "BIG"...we got to jump around on it. It was fun!

New York pics


Random Things

I've been Tagged!

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Here are the six random things about me...

#1 - I have a Microfiber couch that we only sit on when we have people over. Anytime it is sat on or touched, it leaves prints all over it. Drives me nuts! I "comb" it before I go to bed each night to get all the marks out of it. For those that have a microfiber couch, I'm sure you can relate. Maybe not the combing part, but the marks it leaves when touched or sat on.

#2 - My favorite snack is oreos n' milk! We just bought the Halloween ones with the orange creme...ate the entire package! Love em'!!

#3 - I work for Discover Card and have been there for 10 years.

#4 - I really want to go to New York with my husband...well, I just want to shop, but he can come along! :) (we are going at the end of this month, YAHOO!!)

#5 - The littlest things make me cry (certain commercials, of course a great romantic/love movie, and when the primary kids sing "A Child's Prayer").

#6 - My favorite TV shows are The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office

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Kristina, Josie, and Shanna


Go COUGS/Scary Night!!

Rhett and I are huge BYU fans! We went to the game yesterday with my sister and her husband. It was sooo much fun! The crowd was incredible! Enough said, I posted the scoreboard in case anyone missed it! :)

Something funny that happened this morning (well funny now that nothing really did happen) Cops and Robbers....
About 4am this morning, I heard a soft alarm going off. I laid there for a minute trying to figure out what it was. I finally got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs. I realized it was our house alarm! I was freaking out! Usually when the alarm goes off it is REALLY loud. All these thoughts ran through my mind and I thought the burglar got in and turned down the volume so the alarm wouldn't be so loud. (after talking to Rhett, this is impossible, thank goodness!) I ran back to our bedroom and told Rhett someone was in our house and to grab his gun. In the meantime, I ran down the hall into Dax's room and shut the door. I was so scared I didn't even think about getting Brae and bringing her into Dax's room with me. Am I stupid or what!! I figured Rhett better shoot the person before they make it to the bedrooms. I peeked open the door and saw Rhett standing against the wall holding his gun. I was literally shacking! It was a scene from a movie, but in MY HOUSE! I whispered loud and told him to go downstairs. (He would never admit it, but he was a little nervous!) Well to make a long story short, Rhett made his way downstairs with his gun ready to fire and found no one. I still made him search the house just in case. He turned the alarm off and called the Alarm Company. Needless to say, the phone line that our alarm is connected to went down for a few minutes which caused the alarm to go off. It was a silent buzz because it wasn't a "real" emergency. Basically just to notify us that the connection was down for a minute. Note to the alarm company...Please call us next time!! Looking back at this incident, we just laugh! Rhett standing there pointing his gun...would he really have shot someone?? Who knows. I'm just glad it was nothing!


LAGOON/Brae's New Bed!

On Saturday, we beat the heat, stood in long lines, stared at weird people, and spent the entire day at Lagoon with the Brown's. (my sister's family) Through her husband's work, we got in for $10 each...what a steal! It was tons of fun and the kids had a blast! We went to Lagoon-A-Beach first and did rides after. Poor Braelyn cried her heart out when she was not able to go on the "big" rides because she was not tall enough. Maybe next year? Thanks for the FUN day, Jer and Britt!

I also have to post some happy news! No I'm not pregnant, but this is exciting! For those that don't know, Braelyn has slept in our bed since the day she was born. After 4 long years, no joke, FOUR years of getting kicked in the stomach, slapped in the face, drooled on, rolling in pee (I know, disgusting!) we FINALLY got Braelyn to sleep in her own bed. She had a little toddler bed, but she hated it and said it was too small. So, we found this cute bed at Costco, bought her some cute bedding and now she is convinced! I had to sleep with her the first 2 nights, but it was well worth it! She now sleeps by herself in her OWN BED! Unfortunately, Rhett and I learned the hard way when you allow your kids to sleep with you just "one time!!"



Daxten's "Cars" cake and Shrek drum set. He loves it!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dax!

After we woke Dax up from his nap...no we didn't let him sleep in the basket the entire time, although if I would have know he would prefer sleeping in that rather than a crib, I would have decorated a cute basket and saved on a crib!! Anyway, we celebrated his birthday with the fam. He got some fun presents including a Shrek drum set from his cousins! I loved waking up this morning to those drums! :)


So, can I just say I have the cutest husband in the world! For those that don't know, Braelyn is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan thanks to her 2 cousins. Her big 3D concert was on the Disney Channel last night. Brae was sooo excited! I had to work, but I made sure to get 3D glasses for Rhett and the kids. When I got home, Rhett and Brae had their glasses on and were singing and dancing having a good time. (it's ok, Rhett...you were having fun for Brae!) However, when Rhett saw me, he immediately said, "your turn"! Thanks for being a good sport, babe! Love you!! Needless to say, it was a Hannah Montana party at the Nielsen's til 1:30am!


We went to the Bountiful Parade tonight. It was very hot! The kids had fun seeing all the floats and catching all the candy! We went to the park afterwards and let the kids ride a few rides. They wanted to ride this MINI Farris Wheel. Rhett and I were too big for the ride, so we let them go together. Bad idea!! They were both screaming to get off as soon as they got to the top. They are now traumatized and never want to get on a ride again!! Lucky for mom and dad...we only had to stay at the park 30 minutes!! It was pretty funny!!

Getting ready for the Bountiful Parade!