So, can I just say I have the cutest husband in the world! For those that don't know, Braelyn is a HUGE Hannah Montana fan thanks to her 2 cousins. Her big 3D concert was on the Disney Channel last night. Brae was sooo excited! I had to work, but I made sure to get 3D glasses for Rhett and the kids. When I got home, Rhett and Brae had their glasses on and were singing and dancing having a good time. (it's ok, Rhett...you were having fun for Brae!) However, when Rhett saw me, he immediately said, "your turn"! Thanks for being a good sport, babe! Love you!! Needless to say, it was a Hannah Montana party at the Nielsen's til 1:30am!


We went to the Bountiful Parade tonight. It was very hot! The kids had fun seeing all the floats and catching all the candy! We went to the park afterwards and let the kids ride a few rides. They wanted to ride this MINI Farris Wheel. Rhett and I were too big for the ride, so we let them go together. Bad idea!! They were both screaming to get off as soon as they got to the top. They are now traumatized and never want to get on a ride again!! Lucky for mom and dad...we only had to stay at the park 30 minutes!! It was pretty funny!!

Getting ready for the Bountiful Parade!