LAGOON/Brae's New Bed!

On Saturday, we beat the heat, stood in long lines, stared at weird people, and spent the entire day at Lagoon with the Brown's. (my sister's family) Through her husband's work, we got in for $10 each...what a steal! It was tons of fun and the kids had a blast! We went to Lagoon-A-Beach first and did rides after. Poor Braelyn cried her heart out when she was not able to go on the "big" rides because she was not tall enough. Maybe next year? Thanks for the FUN day, Jer and Britt!

I also have to post some happy news! No I'm not pregnant, but this is exciting! For those that don't know, Braelyn has slept in our bed since the day she was born. After 4 long years, no joke, FOUR years of getting kicked in the stomach, slapped in the face, drooled on, rolling in pee (I know, disgusting!) we FINALLY got Braelyn to sleep in her own bed. She had a little toddler bed, but she hated it and said it was too small. So, we found this cute bed at Costco, bought her some cute bedding and now she is convinced! I had to sleep with her the first 2 nights, but it was well worth it! She now sleeps by herself in her OWN BED! Unfortunately, Rhett and I learned the hard way when you allow your kids to sleep with you just "one time!!"



Daxten's "Cars" cake and Shrek drum set. He loves it!

Happy 2nd Birthday, Dax!

After we woke Dax up from his nap...no we didn't let him sleep in the basket the entire time, although if I would have know he would prefer sleeping in that rather than a crib, I would have decorated a cute basket and saved on a crib!! Anyway, we celebrated his birthday with the fam. He got some fun presents including a Shrek drum set from his cousins! I loved waking up this morning to those drums! :)