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Here are the six random things about me...

#1 - I have a Microfiber couch that we only sit on when we have people over. Anytime it is sat on or touched, it leaves prints all over it. Drives me nuts! I "comb" it before I go to bed each night to get all the marks out of it. For those that have a microfiber couch, I'm sure you can relate. Maybe not the combing part, but the marks it leaves when touched or sat on.

#2 - My favorite snack is oreos n' milk! We just bought the Halloween ones with the orange creme...ate the entire package! Love em'!!

#3 - I work for Discover Card and have been there for 10 years.

#4 - I really want to go to New York with my husband...well, I just want to shop, but he can come along! :) (we are going at the end of this month, YAHOO!!)

#5 - The littlest things make me cry (certain commercials, of course a great romantic/love movie, and when the primary kids sing "A Child's Prayer").

#6 - My favorite TV shows are The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office

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Go COUGS/Scary Night!!

Rhett and I are huge BYU fans! We went to the game yesterday with my sister and her husband. It was sooo much fun! The crowd was incredible! Enough said, I posted the scoreboard in case anyone missed it! :)

Something funny that happened this morning (well funny now that nothing really did happen) Cops and Robbers....
About 4am this morning, I heard a soft alarm going off. I laid there for a minute trying to figure out what it was. I finally got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs. I realized it was our house alarm! I was freaking out! Usually when the alarm goes off it is REALLY loud. All these thoughts ran through my mind and I thought the burglar got in and turned down the volume so the alarm wouldn't be so loud. (after talking to Rhett, this is impossible, thank goodness!) I ran back to our bedroom and told Rhett someone was in our house and to grab his gun. In the meantime, I ran down the hall into Dax's room and shut the door. I was so scared I didn't even think about getting Brae and bringing her into Dax's room with me. Am I stupid or what!! I figured Rhett better shoot the person before they make it to the bedrooms. I peeked open the door and saw Rhett standing against the wall holding his gun. I was literally shacking! It was a scene from a movie, but in MY HOUSE! I whispered loud and told him to go downstairs. (He would never admit it, but he was a little nervous!) Well to make a long story short, Rhett made his way downstairs with his gun ready to fire and found no one. I still made him search the house just in case. He turned the alarm off and called the Alarm Company. Needless to say, the phone line that our alarm is connected to went down for a few minutes which caused the alarm to go off. It was a silent buzz because it wasn't a "real" emergency. Basically just to notify us that the connection was down for a minute. Note to the alarm company...Please call us next time!! Looking back at this incident, we just laugh! Rhett standing there pointing his gun...would he really have shot someone?? Who knows. I'm just glad it was nothing!