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Here are the six random things about me...

#1 - I have a Microfiber couch that we only sit on when we have people over. Anytime it is sat on or touched, it leaves prints all over it. Drives me nuts! I "comb" it before I go to bed each night to get all the marks out of it. For those that have a microfiber couch, I'm sure you can relate. Maybe not the combing part, but the marks it leaves when touched or sat on.

#2 - My favorite snack is oreos n' milk! We just bought the Halloween ones with the orange creme...ate the entire package! Love em'!!

#3 - I work for Discover Card and have been there for 10 years.

#4 - I really want to go to New York with my husband...well, I just want to shop, but he can come along! :) (we are going at the end of this month, YAHOO!!)

#5 - The littlest things make me cry (certain commercials, of course a great romantic/love movie, and when the primary kids sing "A Child's Prayer").

#6 - My favorite TV shows are The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Grey's Anatomy, and The Office

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Kristina, Josie, and Shanna

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Haily Brian said...

What fun things to know about you. Hope all is well.