The kids had a fun time trick-or-treating! Lots of candy! Dax will be thrilled he doesn't have to have his face painted anymore! :) Brae on the other hand will be mad she can't wear make-up. According to her, "all Cheerleaders wear mascara!" How funny!


New York!

So one place I have always wanted to visit was New York. Rhett and I finally got to go!! It was a blast! My sister was there on business so we were able to stay with her for free!! We stayed in a really nice Marriott (aren't they all nice!) right in Manhattan. Times Square was great! It was fun seeing the MTV studio (TRL), Central Park, all the huge Theatres, Empire State Building, and of course Ground Zero. One of my favorite places was Canal Street. It has all the designer purses, sunglasses, and jewelry. You basically make deals with the street vendors. Pretty fun! I could have stayed there for hours and hours, but Rhett was with me and he can be somewhat impatient, so I had to make quick decisions! :) I wish I would have brought an extra suit case to bring home a bunch of purses. They had it all! I got some fun stuff. Thanks, Brittany for letting Rhett and I come! It was soo much fun! And thanks, Mom and Dad for watching my kids so we could go on this fun trip together! You're the BEST! Anyone thinking about going to New York...it is a must! I put some other pics of our trip on the slide show including the huge toy store, FAO Schwartz. That piano in the movie "BIG"...we got to jump around on it. It was fun!

New York pics