I turned 27! I'm getting old! Here is the cake the kids picked out for me! Dax is on a train fetish, so they went with the train cake. Still don't know how Rhett talked Braelyn out of getting me the Hannah Montana cake....maybe it's the 5 things of lip gloss I found in the sack??
Later that day, Rhett and I went to the Body Worlds Exhibit. It was pretty interesting! Part of the exhibit shows the stages of a baby. It was incredible. The human body is amazing! We ended the night with a yummy dinner at Texas Roadhouse! Thanks for the fun day!

Big shout out to my cute husband! He got up at 730am on my birthday and made a delicious breakfast! He was so excited...until he realized we didn't have any syrup! Oh well, it's the thought that counts and the french toast was still good! :)