Date Night!

Rhett and I went to the Rascal Flatts concert tonight. It was alot of fun! One of the best concerts I've been to. Jessica Simpson opened up for them. I was anxious to hear her sing live. I use to be a big fan of Jessica when she was married to Nick Lachey. I LOVED watching "Newlyweds" and was so sad when they divorced! My ratings of her have since dropped. She actually did a good job, messed up only once and yelled "oh crap" in her mic. She handled it well though and made a joke of it. I do have to give her some props...she is not fat at all!! From what the magazines have been saying, I was expecting her to look a little on the heavy side, but she didn't at all! She looked really cute and pretty toned! (Rhett was loving it!) During the concert, her back up singer walked right past us. Rhett stopped her and asked if we could get our picture with her. So this is the closest we got to Jessica! Rascal Flatts did an amazing job! They were very entertaining and put on a great concert!


Sugar Cookies!

Braelyn has been begging me to make cookies she can frost by herself. So today we made Valentine sugar cookies. I finally had a reason to use my Kitchen Aid. I got it for Christmas 2 years ago and have only used it once. Shows how much I cook! Homemade sugar cookies are always the best, but they make such a mess (especially when you have 2 little helpers) and they are so time consuming. It was well worth it though! We stayed in our pj's all day as you can see by the pictures. Love days like this! :)

Dax update....Dax is doing much better! The Doctor wants to wait 6 weeks before he has his tonsils out to make sure he is completely RSV free. We decided to take our family trip to Disneyland before the surgery. I'm looking forward to warmer weather, a week off of work (HOORAY!!) and just a fun time with the fam!


Sickness Never Ends!

It has been a long couple of weeks! We have all been sick. Here is a run down:

Braelyn gets sick first...with the flu. Then Rhett gets sick. After a few days, he gets better. Dax and I are going strong...until the following week. I get sick. Start feeling a little better and hope Dax doesn't catch any of our sicknesses. Wishful thinking, huh! The next day, wake up, Daxten's eyes are all watery and really red. Pink eye! Weird! No one has had that yet. Take him to the Doctor , find out he has a double ear infection on top of that. Fabulous! Start him on his antibiotic. Next week, take Dax back to the Doctor, but this time we went to see his ENT Doctor. Daxten has HUGE tonsils. The Doctor refers to them has "kissing tonsils" because they touch. Anyway, he snores really bad. I mean REALLY BAD! He will also stop breathing for a few seconds when he sleeps. Pretty scary! He needs to get them taken out. I have been putting this off because it breaks my heart knowing the pain he will have to go through for awhile. But I know he will be better off. We schedule his surgery for 2 weeks. (keep in mind he is still sick and now has a horrible cough) The ENT Doctor told me I can only give him Tylenol because Motrin and Ibuprofen are blood thinners. I'm pretty bummed because Tylenol never works for him. Well his fever continues and never breaks. After 3 days of antibiotics, tylenol every 4 hours, still no luck! My motherly instincts kick in. Due to the fact that Dax has had RSV every year since he's been born, I was certain he had it again. I took him to the Doctor today and sure enough, he has RSV. They took chest x-rays to be sure he didn't have pneumonia. His chest looks good, but it can easily turn into that. Since he has had RSV in the past, we had the nebulizer machine. We did a few treatments at the Doctor and will continue doing them 3 times a day at home. As for the surgery, we have put if off for a few more weeks until he is 100% better. Fine by me!! :) I am thrilled to be able to give him motrin!

Thanks for letting me vent about our crazy few days/weeks. I am so anxious for warm weather!!