Girl's Night!!

Braelyn has been begging me to take her to a concert. So, I decided it would be fun for just her and I to go to David Archuleta! She has his CD memorized! Let me just say she is one fun concert gal! She danced on her seat, did the wave with the crowd, and yelled "Go David" the entire time. On the way to the concert, she asked me if he would get embarrassed if she yelled, "Go David". I told her maybe, but he'll enjoy it! Sure enough, she yelled his name after every song! She was so dang cute! Seeing her so happy like that melted my heart. She is such a sweet girl! Love you, Brae!

So what did Rhett and Dax do? Rhett asked me if he could take Dax to the shooting range. I said absolutely not! They ended up at Arctic Circle. Apparently, Dax would not go down the slides. He told Rhett he was to shy?? What!? That boy cracks me up! Since I put the kabosh on the shooting range idea, he took him to Wal-mart and bought him a nerf gun. Dax keeps teling me he will "shoot the bad man!!" No more watching "Cops" with the kids, Rhett!! Anyway, as soon as Brae and I walked in the door from the concert, we were Daxten's target. That explains the tears. It's just a nerf gun, Brae!!



We're back and had a BLAST in Disneyland! The kids loved it! We decided to fly since the kids have always wanted to ride in an airplane. My sister and her husband came with us also. I'm so glad they came! Rhett and I were able to go on a few rides together while they took our kids on the littler rides. It was the perfect time to go to Disneyland. The weather was great and the longest line was only 30 minutes. Braelyn was Miss Dare Devil! She wanted to ride every roller coaster and cried when the lady told her she was not tall enough to ride the California Screamer. She cried and cried and said the lady hurt her feelings. She kept asking if she would be taller tomorrow so she could ride it. She didn't like my answer. Oh well, she still had tons of fun and got some cool stuff!