May Happenings + BABY!

Our new addition will be joining us in November! We are sooo excited!!

We spent all day Saturday at Raging Waters. Braelyn had her dance recital there. She is currently the only one in her class which means she had to perform all by herself. I was so nervous that she would not do it, but she was so brave and got on the stage by herself and did her dance. She did awesome! She is learning so much in her class and becoming a good little dancer! We are so proud of her! After her performance, we hit the slides. The weather was perfect and the park was not too crowded. Fun day! Here are a few pics.

Braelyn graduated from Preschool. She loved her teacher, Ms. Amy and wishes she could be her teacher in Kindergarten!



I have been a huge blog slacker! I finally have some free time to write a quick update. Braelyn had her birthday party this past Saturday. She turns 5 on May 18th. I can't believe it! I am still in shock with the fact that she will be starting Kindergarten in August. So crazy!! Her party was fun! I found the cutest purse pinata! It was so fun watching all the girls try to break it! They were swinging the bat so hard. We finally had to give them a little hand.

In other news, our Company (Rhett and I work at the same place) laid off 500 employees this past week. I am thankful to say that we did not get impacted by this. It was a little scary! I had the feeling all along that we would be okay, and we were. I complain all the time about having to work! I'd much rather be home with my kids! I know I will eventually get to do that, but for now I need to be grateful for the fact that I am still employed, have amazing benefits, and I might add...I have been there for 10 freakin' years! Holy smokes! Anyway, here are some pics of Brae's party and a pic of the kids on Easter Sunday (for you Nat).