Catchin' Up

So what do you do at 330am when you can't sleep? Blog! Here I am! I have major heart burn, Braelyn is currently in our bed (she had a nightmare...so she says), and I just can't sleep. Good time to update the blog, right!? I have been so bad keeping our blog updated, but at least now I have a few things to blog about.

Braelyn started Kindergarten and LOVES it! She has the funniest routine in the morning. I wake her up, she picks out her clothes and gets herself dressed. She is pretty picky on what she wears, drives me nuts sometimes! She brushes her teeth, I do her hair, she puts on perfume, jewelry and lotion. Finally...the lip gloss. She will not leave the house until her lip gloss is applied. She's too funny! That is her routine in that order every morning. Breakfast?? She will not eat breakfast in the morning. She tells me it is too early and she's not hungry!? Alright, whatever! She is still playing Soccer with all her friends and is becoming a good little player! She started Cheer/Tumbling and really enjoys that as well. I feel so guilty having her in so many things, but she loves it all and doesn't seem to mind. Can I just say I am sooo glad that the Miley Cyrus concert (a.k.a Hannah Montana) is finally approaching! I found out she was coming to concert about 3 months ago and decided to buy tickets for Brae and I. Braelyn absolutely loves this girl! You would think after about a week she would forget about it, but not Braelyn. EVERYDAY for the last 3 months she has been asking me "how many more days until Hannah Montana, show me on your fingers." We are down to 12 days. Hooray! I can almost "show her on my fingers!!" I am excited to have some mom and daughter time with her!

Dax - Nothing really new with him. He's such a sweet boy! Misses his sister like crazy when she's at school. He loves to play football and gets mad that I won't let him tackle me. I keep telling him it will hurt the baby. It will be pretty interesting to see his reaction once the baby's here. He tells me when the baby cries, he will pick him up and rock him. Oh dear! I'm sure he will be a big helper, but we'll have to keep a close eye on him!

Pregnancy Update - All is well! I have been so tired lately! Maybe it's because I wake up at 330am? I get heart burn just looking at food. I swear I'm eating tums all day long. Braelyn now asks for them. But I wouldn't have it any other way! I am so grateful each day for this little baby and I am so excited to meet our baby boy!

Anyway, that's our update. Stay tuned for some Hannah Montana pictures!! :)