Quick Post/Update

This is the only picture I took at Halloween. How sad! Brae was a diva and Dax was a football player. Not sure what Rhett was? I would not allow him to wear his costume outside of the house. The witch in the picture is his sister and the cute little monkey is our little niece.

I have been off on maternity leave for a few weeks now and decided to start setting up Christmas. I figured I'd be in the hospital for 5 days and that will be the last thing I'll want to do when I get home. So here's a little pic.

Baby update...I am scheduled for a C-Section on Friday. We are so excited! This will be my 3rd C-Section. First one was a breeze, second one was absolutely horrible! I'm a little nervous for this one, but it will be worth the reward in the end!!

Anyway, that's our update for now. :)