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Easton is getting cuter each day and he is such a good baby! He is starting to understand that you sleep when it's dark and play during the day. For awhile there he would be awake from 12am-4am. Killer!! He wouldn't fuss which was great, but he would not let me put him down. He just wanted to be held. Precious I know, but I do have to admit it was very exhausting! He is doing much better so hopefully that continues. Brae has been a huge help! She loves to talk to him, feed him, and give him lots of loves. Dax loves to "pet" him. I have tried to tell Dax you pet animals not babies, but he has yet to understand that concept and continues to ask if he can pet the baby. Makes me laugh!

Braelyn had her Christmas recital a few weeks ago. She loves to cheer/dance and is so happy that her friends are in her class. Funny Brae story....I have literally been in my pj's since I had Easton and it has been driving her crazy! I signed up to help with Brae's Christmas party at her school. The night before the party I told her I was coming to her class to help them make Christmas crafts. She told me she didn't want me to come because she didn't want her class to see me in my pj's with no make-up. She proceeded to tell me that her teacher would kick me out. I laughed and reassured her that I would get all ready, put make-up on and do my hair. She said "that would be great"! That girl is so funny sometimes.

My early Christmas present from Rhett. I have never been so excited for new work out shoes/clothes as I am now! I am starting a 12 week fitness program/challenge (I guess that's what you call it) in a few weeks. I am excited to work with a personal trainer and hopefully get in shape! :)

Hope you all have a Merry Christmas!

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