The last few weeks -

We blessed Easton a few weeks ago. It was perfect! Rhett gave him a beautiful blessing! He is so precious and we are so grateful!

My sweet little guys!

My birthday was a few weeks ago and Rhett surprised me and got this amazing suite at the Hilton. It was beautiful and very roomy! We ate at the best restaurant ever...Olive Garden, my fav!! I was a little bummed though! I couldn't get my usual ravioli because of the fitness challenge I'm doing for the next 12 weeks so I ordered grilled chicken and broccoli. (Boo!!) I didn't even eat one breadstick. It was very disturbing!! Rhett on the other hand ate ravioli, breadsticks and the yummy alfredo sauce to dip them in. All in all it was a great birthday surprise! Thx mom and dad for watching our kids. You're the BEST! Here are a few pics of the room:

And lastly...the Bachelor! This season is going to be a good one! So glad Rozlyn is gone! Didn't like her from the beginning. I'm a fan of Tenley and Ali! We'll see what happens!?