We took the kids to Seaworld over Labor Day weekend and had a blast! Rhett drove the 11+ hours with my parents, Braelyn and Daxten. Easton and I decided to fly down. An hour and a half plane ride is much better than an 11 hour car ride with a 9 month old. However, we did drive home and he actually did really well! The timing was perfect. We all arrived at my brother's house at the same time. Luckily for us, my brother and his cute wife live in Cali so we were able to stay with them. They were awesome hosts! We wish they lived closer, but I'll admit it's a nice perk to have family in various places to stay with when you vacation. Thanks for the fun trip you guys! Here are a few pics from our little Seaworld/California adventure...

Waiting for Shamu.

SHAMU! Dax kept asking me if it was real and if it would bite him if he jumped in the water. I told him it would swallow him whole. He is too funny!

The Dolphin's. An amazing show!

The Sea Lion's. My favorite show!

This was one of Braelyn and Daxten's favorites. The Pet Show. All kinds of animals (dogs, cats, pigs, and other animals I didn't know of) ran around the stage doing all sorts of tricks and dancing to "who let the dogs out". Pretty cute show!

Despite the heat, Easton had a fun time with Grandpa! He even kept his hat on. This goofy hat cost me $21 bucks! Uggg!

After 9 hours of Seaworld...but LOVED every minute of it!!!

So did Easton!

The Los Angeles Temple. So beautiful, but aren't they all?!

Braelyn's first time at the beach. She loved the sand and running out in the water. Dax on the other hand was mad and crying that his shorts got wet by the big waves and that his sandals were dirty and had sand all over them. He would not get in the picture. Since when does a boy care about getting wet or dirty?!

I don't know what to call this guy? This was at the Santa Monica Pier. The kids gave him $2 and got this picture with him. I thought he would have done some moves or something, but he didn't. Just gave a thumbs up and posed long enough for us to take the pic. Oh well, they thought he was pretty cool anyway.

We're looking forward to our big trip with the entire fam next year!!!

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Candace said...

Jealous, but love the pictures. I have to admit that the Pet Show is my favorite. It's so funny to see so many different little animals. Henry is the same way about being dirty, little stinkers! Glad you had a fun time!