Little Update

It has been a crazy last few months. Time flies and we seem to get busier and busier! Between work, school, church callings, and sick kids, I haven't even had a chance to think about updating the blog. So here's a quick update/random pictures. Yes, pictures from Christmas. I figured since we still have our Christmas lights up outside (which I will make Rhett take down this weekend) it was ok to post a few.

Easton is going on his fifth week of a double ear infection. After 2 Insta Care visits, 3 Pediatrician visits, we ended up at Primary Childrens. Thank goodness for good insurance and great doctors. Easton had bronchiolitis and a double ear infection. He finally got over the bronchiolitis, but his ear infection would not budge. He was on three different medications, but nothing worked. We finally took him to an ENT. To make a long story short, he will be having tubes put in his ears this week. I am so relieved! His poor ears have been infected for about 5 weeks now. He has been such a happy baby despite all of it. He loves to put on headbands and walk over to the mirror to check himself out. It makes me laugh! I just hope we can get him to sleep in his own bed once he's feeling 100%. With his ears hurting him so much, he was waking up every hour. It was too exhausting going back and forth to his room, so I let him sleep in our bed. Not the best idea! He wants nothing to do with his crib now. I think we're in trouble.

Rhett and I had plans to go to the Laker/Jazz game in LA and sit on the 5th row. With Easton getting sick, I decided to stay home and Rhett just went. He had a good time with my brother. I was pretty bummed! I was looking forward to staring at all the stars and of course seeing Kobe. LOL! Hopefully my brother can score tickets for me next time.

When I came home from Young Womens the other night, I walked in my room to find Daxten asleep on my bed. I had to take a picture. This pose is priceless! :)

Rhett and I were in charge of our ward christmas party. Here is our decorating skill. Let's just say that I am happy Rhett and I are still married after trying to put those dang tissue balls together. Poor Rhett tried to put one together and ripped the entire ball. I was yelling at him for ripping it, he was yelling at me for buying the darn things in the first place because he knew they would be a pain to put together. Thanks to my sweet girlfriends who came over at 10pm the night before the party and helped me "repair" them so that we could at least hang them up. I do have to admit it turned out pretty cute given the fact that neither Rhett or I have very good decorating talent. However, I will never decorate with those tissue balls again...unless they come ready to hang. They were a pain!!

Easton's first time on Santa's lap, no tears! Maybe because he was not facing him? This Santa came to our ward party. I found him in the paper and was a little leary at first, but he was awesome! He read the kids a story and did a little magic trick. He was GREAT and the kids loved it!!

Anyway...nothing else too exciting. Can't wait for warmer weather!

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