We went with our friends on a cruise a couple weeks ago. Had a blast! The weather wasn't all that great, but we still had alot of fun. We took the red eye to Miami and off we went. No Rhett did not go with two wives. April's husband was already in Miami for business so we met up with him there. Thanks mom and dad for watching the kids. We truly have the BEST parents in the world! Here are some pics. Sorry, I don't know how to use the slide show thingy so this post is pretty long.

At the Airport getting ready to board the flight.

Ahhhh...vacation at last!

Pic of our room. Loved having a balcony!

All you can eat ice cream cones...and at any hour!

Little windy. Hard to open the eyes for the pic.

At a store called "Sugar" in The Cayman Islands. This is the world's biggest gummi bear. No I did not bite the ear. This was the bear on display. But I did get a big bag of the mini ones! :)

Pic of Jamaica from our room on the ship.

Yummy Jamaican Jerk Chicken lunch!

Here we are in Jamaica all geared up for the Zip Lines. Pretty fun, but a little scary (for me anyway.) April was a champ and did the really scary zip line that I decided against.

This is the owner of the zip line place who is also a big wig in the UK. He is a big time fitness instructor and is known there as "Mr. Motivator." I had Rhett google him to see if he was for real and sure enough he is.

Rhett on the zip line. As you can see, the weather was pretty crapy! :(

Rhett and I on the funnest swings ever! Loved it!

Here we are in the Cayman Islands. Our excursion was cancelled due to the weather. Bummer! So we shopped around and took a taxi to a nice beach and spent the day there. Totally forgot to take pics at the beach.

At a "Vegas" type show on the ship. Pretty wild show! At least it was entertaining for the guys I guess.

Two couples we knew that we saw at the Comedy show one night on the Ship. What a small world! The shows we went to were pretty funny!!


Natalie and Mike said...

Looks like you guys had a BLAST.. Glad you had fun!! How do you always find the CUTEST dresses??

Candace said...

So jealous we ended up not being able to go, but I sure hope that you are ready to go with us on the next big trip? Cute pics!